Local Man Charged with Child Endangering – Abuse

K. Williams

On 29 Aug 17 the Washington County Sheriff’s Office Detective Bureau began an investigation involving a 3 month old baby who was being seen at a local hospital with a broken left arm, broken left leg, broken ribs, and bruising on the face.

Detectives spoke with the parents of the baby, who could provide no reasonable explanations as to how the injuries occurred.  The baby was later transported to Nationwide Children’s Hospital to be treated for injuries and suspicion of child abuse.

Detectives received notification on 31 Aug 17 that the Nationwide Children’s Hospital staff were ruling the broken bones as non-accidental abuse. Upon receiving this information Detectives traveled to Nationwide Children’s Hospital to speak with the parents.

During the interview of the father, Kyle Williams, he admitted to Detectives that he was too rough with the baby.  Williams advised it was out of  irritation/anxiety after his wife asked him to feed the baby.  Williams  advised he picked the baby up by the left arm “harder” than he should have and then slammed the baby’s legs off the door frame while leaving the room.

Detectives then asked Williams about how the baby received the broken ribs, and he advised it was because he was squeezing him because of “tension”. This incident took place in Kyle Williams residence located at 1101 Cisler Lane, Marietta, Washington County Ohio.

On 1 Sep 17 Detectives were able to secure an arrest warrant for Kyle Matthew Williams, age 19, 1101 Cisler Lane, Marietta, OH, on a 2nd degree felony charge of child endangering – abuse of the child, with a $150,000 bond.

On 1 Sep 17 Detectives met with the Vienna Police Department, Wood County, WV, and was able to locate Williams and take him into custody on the warrant.  Williams will be held in the North Central Regional Jail until a waiver of extradition is signed.