Man Charged with 5 Counts Cruelty to Animals

On 21 Aug 17 Sgt. McGilton requested a summons be issued through Marietta Municipal Court to Jacob S. Hall, age 40, 1111 County House Lane, Marietta for the following charges.

  • 5 counts cruelty to animals – 2 llamas, 1 donkey, 5 ponies, 3 sheep, 1 horse.

  • 1 county failure to register dogs – 5 dogs

On 8 Aug 17 Humane Officers with the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley responded to 1111 County House Lane, Marietta in reference to a complaint of animal cruelty.  Several underweight ponies, a donkey, and 3 unshorn sheep were observed in a paddock on the property.  There also were severely emaciated pony tethered to the front yard of the residence and a large pen that contained multiple chickens and ducks, with no water source.

The owner of this property, Jacob S. Hall, was present and due to the emaciated appearance of the ponies, was instructed to contact a veterinarian to come to the property to assess the animals, which he agreed to do.  Jacob was also instructed to put a children’s swimming pool inside the chicken and duck enclosure, which he did.

The veterinarian arrived at the property and supplied a written report expressing the multiple concerns regarding Jacob Hall’s farm in general including the conditions of the animals, the presence of tapeworms and the quality and availability of feed and unshorn animals on this property.

Jacob advised that he had never wormed any of the animals and refused to allow the veterinarian to do so, however, began to administer a medication that he had.  This medication does not kill tapeworms, which was present in a pony, and likely in animals as well.

The body condition scale was reported for each animal that was assessed.

1 pony – scored a 1 of 9

1 donkey – scored 4 of 9

2 llamas – scored 1 of 9

3 sheep – scored 1.5, 2, and 2.5 of 5

2 goats – scored 3.5 of 5

Mother goat – scored 2 of 5

On 9 Aug 17 a veterinarian, Sgt. McGilton and Humane Officers again responded to Jacob Hall’s residence.  A paddock was observed that contained multiple livestock.  A large round bale of hay in this area was covered in black mold and the animals were digging through the center in an attempt to access food.   Several emaciated animals were located on the property to include ponies,  llamas, sheep, and goats.  All of the animals had conditions to include overgrown hooves, thrush on the hooves, white line disease, abrasions, dermatitis, hair loss, underweight, bones protruding, thick coats causing heat stress, and urine and feces in the fur causing urine scalding.

There were multiple chicken coops on this property that contained chickens, roosters, and chicks.  The coops were completely full of feces and every water container was filthy.  Although chickens are messy animals, it did not appear these coops have been tended to for quite some time. Jacob first stated these were cleaned daily, but then admitted they hadn’t been cleaned since sometime in January and he wasn’t even sure about that date.  Jacob surrendered some of the chickens but still has multiple chickens on his property.

There were 6 dogs on the property, 4 of which were kept inside and the other 2 were outside dogs.  One of the outside dogs was registered, and the other dog was kept in a kennel.  This kennel area was covered in feces and the water container contained greenish colored slime.  Due to the aggressive nature of the dog Sgt. McGilton was unable to touch the dog to feel the body condition.

Numerous animals were kept inside the home to include 4 dogs, cats, kittens, a parrot, hamster, turtle, leopard gecko, a bearded dragon, and fish.  The cages for these animals were extremely dirt with little to no water, and some with greenish slime in the water bowls.  There was either no food or dead food (insects) in food bowls along with filthy bedding or none at all.

There were also horses on a large piece of property however Officers were unable to get close to them.

The animals that Jacob surrendered were taken to three different locations to be cared for.

On 12 Aug 17 Officers were made aware of a horse being moved to another property during the evening of 8 Aug 17.  The horse was removed by Jacob Hall due to it belonging to his children.   A veterinarian was then able to assess this horse and advised there were no medical issues with this horse and the cause of its condition was from lack of food.  Jacob admitted to removing the horse in order to hide it.

Sgt. McGilton is requesting the Marietta Municipal Court require Jacob Hall pay restitution to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office in the full amount of the veterinarian bills obtained from this case.

Sgt. McGilton is also asking that all animals owned by Jacob Hall be forfeited including any other livestock animals kept on other properties Jacob owns, as well as issuing an order prohibiting Jacob Hall from owning any animals or housing animals on any of his properties for others.