Special News Release 20 Jul 17



Graeme Philip Alexander, age 27, 814 Leonard Avenue, Belpre, was arrested and charged on 13 Jun 17 for child endangering, a 2nd-degree felony.  Graeme posted bond and was released from jail the following day.

On 17 Jul 17 Graeme reported that on 15 Jul 17, in the early morning hours, he had a conversation with his mother at the 814 Leonard Avenue residence.  Graeme advised that his mother admitted to him that she shook his baby the morning the baby was flown to Nationwide Children’s Hospital.  Graeme reports he angrily left the home.  Graeme stated he wanted proof of what his mother told him so he sent a text message to her prompting a conversation via text.  Graeme then showed text messages from his phone that purportedly was from his mother, showing “mom” and a cell phone number in the display.  The text messages were time stamped for 5:08 am to 5:31 am.  Graeme stated the text were from the morning of 15 Jul 17.

On 18 Jul 17 Detectives met with Graeme’s mother, Kelly Alexander.  Kelly was asked if she was aware that Graeme had reported she admitted to hurting the baby.  Kelly said that she was aware, and she did not hurt her grandson nor did she admit or text to Graeme doing such a thing.  Kelly said that she searched her cell phone to retrieve text messages from her to Graeme and there was no record of such a text on her phone.   Kelly said she was sleeping during the above mentioned times, and if a text came from her phone during that time, then someone else would have made and sent the text.   Kelly further advised the only person with access to her phone during that time would have been Graeme and he did have the pass code to her phone.

On 19 Jul 17 Kelly Alexander came to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and was shown a copy of the text messages that Grahame had claimed he received from Kelly.  Kelly said she had never seen the text before and denied ever sending them.

Based on the information obtained in this investigation, Graeme Alexander was arrested for Tampering with Evidence a felony of the 3rd degree, and transported to the Washington County Jail for processing.

Graeme Alexander remains incarcerated in the Washington County Jail pending his initial court appearance in Marietta Municipal Court.