On 5 Jun 17 a Pitbull dog owned by Derek Vanhorn, age 29, 554 Sand Ridge Road, Waterford, was observed running loose in the roadway, resulting in charges being filed.   Previously, 30 May 17 Sgt. McGilton responded to the Vanhorn residence in reference to a complaint of the Vanhorn dogs running loose.   Upon Sgt. McGilton arriving she observed a male Pitbull, 4 Pitbull puppies and a black female Pitbull running loose on the property.  As Sgt. McGilton approached the residence in the patrol vehicle the male Pitbull came onto the roadway and charged towards the vehicle as Sgt. McGilton attempted to exit the vehicle.  The dog appeared to be extremely aggressive and was barking while bearing its teeth.  Sgt. McGilton was unable to make contact with anyone at the residence and posted a notice for the owner to contact the Sheriff’s Office/Dog Warden, and to restrain the dogs immediately.   On 31 May 17 Sgt. McGilton was patrolling in the area and the puppies and black Pitbull dog were still running loose, however the white and tan Pitbull was tied up.  The notice posted was still there at that time.  On 3 Jun 17 a female was walking past Vanhorn’s residence and stumbled over one of the four puppies which were in the roadway.  It was reported that Derek Vanhorn exited the residence with his white and tan Pitbull, which was unrestrained while the black Pitbull was also running loose.  It was also reported that Vanhorn began to yell profanities at this woman because he learned she had pepper sprayed his tan and white Pitbull a few weeks earlier when it went onto the roadway and charged towards her.  Vanhorn then advised this woman that the dogs were not aggressive and she had better not hurt them. Sgt. McGilton tried several times to contact Vanhorn.  Also noted is Vanhorn neglecting to contact Sgt. McGilton about the posted notice at the residence.   Vanhorn also owns three adult dogs and puppies and has not registered any of these dogs.    A summons is being requested for Derek Vanhorn for failing to restrain and failing to register.


On 4 Jun 17 while patrolling State Route 60, Muskingum Township, Deputy Zide observed a vehicle approaching his location, which appeared to be a high rate of speed, well above the posted speed limit. Deputy Zide utilized the Lidar detector and measured the vehicle’s speed at 57 mph in the posted 45 mph zone, consistent with my visual estimation. Deputy Zide conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and made contact with the driver, identified as Blake E. McCurdy, 409 Third Street, Beverly.  McCurdy advised that he did not have insurance on the vehicle and has not for approximately three months.   A citation was issued to McCurdy for failure to show proof of insurance and speed.


On 5 Jun 17 Deputy Allender began an investigation regarding storage building being entered on Blue Knob Road, Marietta, Ohio.  Items including, but not limited to a large number of Norman Rockwell plates, Cambridge glass, antique curio cabinet, cherry TV stand, OE brand 18×9 FR500 wheels, Fenton glass, and antique sewing machine, This case remains under investigation.

On 5 Jun 17 Edgar W. Simpson, 430 Dodd Run Road, Marietta, reported being assaulted.  Simpson also refused to prosecute anyone in this investigation. (115)


On 5 Jun 17 Deputy Metts was dispatched to Muskingum Township in reference to a juvenile threatening to harm his/her grandmother.  A summon is being requested for the juvenile through Washington County Juvenile Court on a charge of domestic violence.


The following warrants were received at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office:


Patrick S. Wilson, 1171 Millbranch Road, Belpre, for failure to confine.


Tanner J Smith, 901 Cisler Lane, Marietta, for breach of recognizance; original charge criminal damage.


Heather S. Simms, 1211 Wyatt Lane, Apt. A, Belpre, for failure to appear; original charge theft.


David E. Sage, 101 ½ Fay Avenue, Marietta, for failure to appear; original charge OVI.


Justin W. Barth, 213 Fairview Avenue, Marietta, for 2 counts of theft.


Sara M. Hess, 610 Warren Street, Marietta, for passing bad checks.


Anthony T. Hill, 1154 Patten Mills Road, Cutler, for public indecency


Teri Lent, 148 Oak Drive, Little Hocking, for failure to appear for a pretrial on a charge of disorderly conduct.


Anthony Larrison, 2109 Benedict Road, Fleming, for possession of drug instruments, drug paraphernalia and theft.


Joshua R. Lewis, 1308 Williamson Avenue, Apt. 1A, New Matamoras, for theft, assault, aggravated burglary and domestic violence.



The following suspects were processed into the Washington County Jail between Monday 5 Jun 17 and Tuesday 6 Jun 17:


Brian David Long, age 46, homeless, on warrants for 2 counts of theft, and probation violation, all misdemeanors.  Long was arrested in Beverly by Patrolman Oliver of the Beverly Police Department and processed into the Washington County Jail on 5 Jun 17 at 9:20 pm.


Larry Randolph Hasley, age 38, 101 Putnam Street, Marietta, on warrants for obstructing justice, driving under suspension, drug instrument possession and contempt of court order, all misdemeanors.  Hasley was arrested on Tittle Run Road by Sgt. Mankins of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and processed into the Washington County Jail on 6 Jun 17 at 2:56 pm.


Corey Lee Smearman, age 28, 570 Albright Road, Beverly, for drug possession, a felony.  Smearman was arrested on Tittle Run Road by Sgt. Mankins of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and processed into the Washington County Jail on 6 Jun 17 at 3:37 pm.


There are currently 16 female and 67 males incarcerated in the Washington County Jail.