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Employee ExtentionsPhone
tip: to quickly search for a name hit "ctrl+f" and type the last name.

Dial: *740-376-7070 # (ext) CRIMINAL DIVISION

*740-373-6623 #(ext) or *740-374-7677 (JAIL)


Sheriff Mincks
Chief Deputy Warden
Major Schuck
Major Hawkins
Jail Administrator Captain Nohe

Lieutenant Deputies

Lt. Gherke
Lt. Norman
Lt. Hornbeck
Lt. Reeder

Sergeant Deputies

Sgt. Holbert
Sgt. Johnson
Sgt. Mankins
Sgt. Hunter

Investigatons Detectives

Det. Lt. Lockhart
Det. Sgt. Parks
Det. Sgt. Smeeks
Det. Thorpe *
Det. McPeek

Major Crimes Task Force Detectives

Lt. Staats
Det. Sgt. Augenstein
Deputy Call


Deputy Black  
Deputy Carr
Deputy A. McConnell
Deputy J. McConnell
Sgt. McLeish
Deputy McKee
Deputy Metts
Deputy B. Johnson
Deputy Patrice Tornes *19
Deputy Zide

Dog Warden

Sgt. McGilton (Dog Warden)


Jail Shift Lts.
Booking Info/Records
Control Room

Courthouse Security & Transport

Sgt. K. Smith


Dispatcher Sgt. Hays


Jacinda Carr (Sheriff's Sales)
Marian Forshey(Public Records)
Pam Sullivan (Fiscal)
Susannah Dehmlow


Deputy Dave Tornes *36

Dial: *740-376-7070 # (ext)

COURTHOUSE *740-373-6623 # (ext) or CRIMINAL DIVISION *740-374-7677

Call this number in case of an Emergency!!!
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